• Collaborations - At The Guild

    Collaborations - At The Guild

    It's the last week to see the collaboration piece I did with Stephen B MacInnis ( ) in the gallery of The Arts Guild, Charlottetown PEI.

    The texture or Stephen's artwork is unbelievable, and how he deconstructed my 3 dimensional vessel, into a 2 dimensional piece. There is no title, but I refer to it as "Deconstruction".

    While making the clay vessel, I remember my thoughts were consumed with the cuts to our National Parks and I wanted to make something that represented my affection for Parks. I was floored when I saw what Stephen had done, harnessed that same energy, and "deconstructed" my National Park onto paper, much like what the Conservative cuts did to the parks all across Canada. 

    This was a great show, and a great concept bringing other artists together. Thanks to This Town Is Small,, and the Peake Street Collective, and the Arts Guild,