Unique Pieces

Butter Dish.
The unique design of the French Butter Dish keeps butter at the perfect spreading consistency. The water creates an airtight seal that keeps oxygen away from the butter (oxygen is what turns butter rancid). In the bell shaped lid your butter will stay soft and fresh! When you want to serve the butter, the top part rests securely on the table.
To use a French Butter Dish, "pack" 1/4 to 1/2 pound of butter into its bell or cone-shaped lid, then put water into the base so that it is about 1/3 full (use salted water for unsalted or low-salt butter). When the inverted bell shaped lid is on, a seal is created that keeps oxygen away from the butter. Your Butter will stay soft and fresh! When you want to serve the butter, the top part rests securely on the table. Available in many sizes and designs.

PEI’s Original, Magic Red Clay Wine Goblet!
Unglazed on the inside, it decants tannins and sulfides from your wine. No More Headaches!

Use and Care - Pour your wine, and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the tannins and sulfides to settle to the bottom. They will cling onto the rough texture of the clay as you drink. *Most important* when finished, Rinse your cup or decanter after each glass of wine to get rid of the tannins and sulfides still clinging to the unglazed clay walls, before you pour more wine!

After washing in soapy water, or coming out of the dishwaher, give another thorough rinsing so no soap residue is clinging onto the unglazed clay. Enoy. Available in many different designs.

Clay Drum
Clay Drums, also known as Udu drums, Nigerian Side Hole Pot Drums, and “Abang mbre”, or “pot for playing”. Originating from Nigeria, these drums have evolved from animal skulls and hollowed out gourds, to rudimentary hand built clay vessels, to works of art. Entirely made of clay, it is the only hand drum without a skin or membrane. Playing techniques vary, but basically incorporates drumming and manipulating the air pressure between the top and side hole. Come in and give one a try!

Musicians and recordings with Michael Stanley Pottery Udu drums:
Simon Moore, Este Mundo — "Los Elementos"
Rick Terstig —"Ardith and Jennifer"